Local Food Heroes

For me knowing where my food comes from is so important.  That is one of the reasons I like to use local suppliers. Your butchers, fishmongers & greengrocers will be able to tell you exactly where their produce has come from & advise you how best to cook & enjoy it.  Their experience & passion will allow you into a secret tasting world & you will get to enjoy delicious seasonal ingredients at their absolute BEST!

D. Burney & Sons

This week my food heroes are Burney's fruit & veg stall on Clitheroe Market.  I know I continually rave about their produce, but it is with good reason!  70 years of trade here tells me I'm not alone in my beliefs!  Brothers Andrew & Richard along with their team work tirelessly to provide us with the most incredible tasting produce.  Growers too, the sight alone of their new potatoes make my mouth water, calling out for nothing more than some salted butter.  Dug the night before market, you will be hard pressed to find fresher ingredients for your plate.

Burney's fantastic produce is available on Clitheroe Market, Tuesday's, Thursday's & Saturday's from 7am

Look out for the English asparagus & seville oranges.  Both an absolute must right now.  The oranges are the best I have ever tasted & the British asparagus is thick, succulent & full of flavour.  Simply enjoy the asparagus steamed for 3 minutes with a pair of dippy free range eggs.  These ones are from our milkman Mike from his farm in Barrow.  Good, honest local food.

Good, honest local food.  Best enjoyed simply as it is.