Smokey Bacon & Cheese Frittata


8 eggs
1 white onion
150g smoked bacon
1 red pepper 
2 good handfuls of spinach
8 cherry tomatoes 
100g Roquefort cheese

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This a super simple egg dish.  It makes for an easy lunch, is relatively cheap & any leftovers make a delicious afternoon snack.  Unfortunately in our home, it's rare for a slice to make it beyond lunch!!  Remember not to get too hung up on the ingredients list.  In this case I have used smokey bacon & Roquefort cheese for its sharp tangy flavour. Use flavours that you like & ingredients that need using in your fridge.  Unlike baking you do not need to be precise with quantities.  It's more about flavours than science & measurements.   I will give some suggestions for substitutes in the ingredients section.  Have fun making this dish & let me know if any slices make it past your meal . . . . . . .



Line an 8" cake tin with baking paper.  The greaseproof stops your eggs sticking to the tin if its not non stick.  You can just as easily butter the sides & use any tin or tray or even cook it in an oven proof frying pan.

Preheat your oven to 160 

Slice the white onion or leeks & fry in a little oil.  Start on a high heat to get your sizzle, then reduce to a low heat so your onions go soft & sweet.

As your onions begin to colour, increase the heat & add the smokey bacon.  Reduce the heat after you have sizzled & stirred.  If you are using cooked meats do not add them to your pan at this stage.   

Slice the red pepper into strips & add to the pan until slightly softened. If you are using mushrooms, asparagus or frozen peas, add them at this stage.

Crack the eggs into a large bowl, season with salt & pepper.  Gently mix with a fork.

Slice the cherry tomatoes into half, add to the eggs along with the spinach & any cooked meats.

Cube or crumble your cheese & add to the eggs & gentle mix with a fork.

Once your peppers are soft add the ingredients in the pan to the egg bowl.  Give one final gentle mix before pouring into your tin or back into the pan to bake.

Place in the oven & bake for around 30 minutes.

Your frittata should be firm to the touch.  If your finger disappears into an eggy abis, return to the oven for a further 5 minutes or until cooked.

Leave to cool for & firm up before turning out of the tin & slicing.  Enjoy served hot or cold, as a main meal or as a lunchbox snack.