Simple Fish Pie

Despite its simplicity, fish pie is always an impressive centrepiece on any dining table. 


Piri Piri Chicken Livers

Not only are chicken livers a cheap eat but they are loaded with protein which fills us up, & lots of vitamins & minerals. (more…)

Wild Garlic Pesto

We have all being spending more time outdoors in nature.  The hedgerows are abundant with wild garlic.  This is one of nature's gifts to us & really is free food!


Crowd Pleasing Curry

Curry is one of our nations favourite dishes.  There are so many tasty variations.  This curry always hits the spot in our house!  Warming, aromatic & incredibly versatile. (more…)

V E Day Celebratory Scones!

Quintessentially British, these scones are a fitting tribute to honour the many heroes of both past & indeed present that gave & continue to give their lives so freely to the benefit of others.


Scrumptious Cheesecake

White Chocolate & Ginger Cheesecake


Smokey Bacon & Cheese Frittata

This a super simple egg dish.  It makes for an easy lunch, is relatively cheap & any leftovers make a delicious afternoon snack.   (more…)

Simple Suppers

Fabulous food does not have to be complicated, it's just having the confidence to know what to put in the pan & when.  These recipes will guide you step by step to making the most delicious food to nourish those around your table.

Local Food Heroes

For me knowing where my food comes from is so important.  That is one of the reasons I like to use local suppliers.  (more…)

Free From Food

So many of us now follow diets where we reduce or eliminate food groups from our diets.  This does not mean that anyone has to miss out!!

This section will help you make mouth watering food without anyone suspecting there are basic ingredients missing!

Try our carb-free cauliflower pizza or gluten-free cookies . . . . . . . . .